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Vidspam? A little bit.

So, my old youtube account, bodaciousduck4, was deleted due to NBC and it's bogus copyright infringment whatever. It's taken me a little while, but I've created a new one, BodaciousOffice, and I have some new vids!

Jack and Kate- The Story
A future Jate vid. Heh. :)

Booth and Brennan- Keep On Trying

Jim and Pam- So If I Try (Revamped)

My original vid was such poor quality that I wanted to die of barfness everytime I saw it. Consequently, when my account was deleted and my vids from my old comp were recovered (phew!) I revamped it a little; better quality vid, more even editing. I was proud of it before, I'm ridiculously proud of it now. :D

Jim and Pam- Dance Inside

Old vid, never posted on LJ. Love. 

Jim and Pam- (Falling in Love at a) Coffee Shop

A repost, I know, but it's my favorite Jamvid of ever that I've made. I gotta give it its props. ;)

Ok, that was just gratuitous. I apologize. But I'm excited to have a youtube account up and running again. Thanks for watching and tell your friends. ;) 

Also, I just want to put it out there that, if you've seen it, 'The Office Reacts: The Jim and Pam Saga' has been, like, banned from youtube or some nonsense. It was the main reason for the deletion of my account before, and now youtube won't even let me upload it period. Man, I must've done something  to get under NBC's skin with that one. It's a fanvid, toolbags! Get over it. 


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